Gao, Research and Development

1. You have joined CF since the beginning of its establishment and witnessed the growth of CF. Could you please tell us your feelings?

As I look back, scenes of the past appear before my eyes. I remember that there were only more than 10 people in the company in the early days. At that time, the company was short of R&D equipment and funds and we only thought about how to survive. But over the past decade, we have never given up. The leadership of the company has great foresight and is committed to the international research and development, manufacture and marketing of inhaled products. We have grown out of nothing and expanded from small to large. Now the company’s employees have expanded to nearly 500 people and F-round financing has been completed, which is not easy for startups. Today, CF PharmTech stands in the promising area of the pharmaceutical industry, and I believe that with the joint efforts of all staffs, the future of the company will be certainly bright.

2. What have you learned during these years in the company?

I joined CF as soon as I graduated and I was lucky enough to join the R&D team for more than 10 years. At the beginning, I focused on drug research and development, and I had the opportunity to experience the full cycle of that in a short time. At the same time, relying on CF's international strategy, I was honored to participate in global projects, which enabled me to accumulate a great wealth of R&D experience. Later, I transferred to the management section, which was a great challenge to me since managing myself was very different from managing others. But the leaders gave me great support and now I am leading more than 80 R&D personnel and responsible for multiple dosage forms of R&D projects, which is the company's great trust and affirmation of me.

3. What makes you choose to develop in CF all the time?

There are many reasons why each of us chooses to stay in a company which stems from our own expectations and visions of our work. Some of us prefer a relaxed and pleasant working atmosphere, others pursue challenging work. For me, the company has given me what I want. I can grow rapidly, engage in a career that I love and am good at and fight side by side with a group of like-minded people with common goals. And I also have the opportunity to share the benefits of the company, which makes me choose to stay with CF and willing to move forward together with it.

4. As a veteran employee, how do you understand CF’s corporate culture?

CF is an open, inclusive and win-win enterprise, and you can see people from all over the world with different specialty devoting their intelligence and passion in their posts. CF has always advocated the cultural concept of "struggle-oriented" and the company has established a set of value evaluation and motivating mechanisms. As an employee, as long as you work hard and contribute constantly, you will be richly rewarded by CF.