R&D Team

CF PharmTech R&D team consists of experienced senior research and development personnel and scientists with extensive experience in the research and development of inhalation drug products. Our R&D team has the professional knowledge and skills, capable of carrying out a full range of inhalation products technology research and development work. The goals of this experienced, cross-functional professional team are to develop the high quality inhalation drug products for global market and CF PharmTech’s new inhalation technology platform to achieve unmet medical needs.

Most of the CF PharmTech’s products are developed by internal research team but additional collaboration with subject matter experts in the field of inhalation products from academia and drug regulatory authorities supporting us to achieve company’s business goals.


R&D Focus Areas

With our distinctive knowledge of people, we focus on the areas of respiratory health care.


Dosage Forms

The Pharmaceuticals product portfolio focuses on 4 dosage forms as follows:


Quality System

CF PharmTech is dedicated to improving respiratory health by providing high-quality, safe and effective products for global market and ensuring compliance through a quality system that promises quality and continuous effectiveness to meet customer and regulatory requirements.

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