Globalization as one of the CF PharmTech strategies is being pursued to improve people's respiratory health. By working closely with global partners, the products are going to be registered in different countries or regions, for example in the US, EU, Middle East, South America and other areas.
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CF PHARMTECH dedicated to building a comprehensive and integrated R&D platform and offering partners a CDMO service for inhalation products.
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  • R&D Services

    Feasibility Study

    Formulation Development

    Analytical Method Development

    Packaging Material/Device Screening

    Process Development

  • CMO Services

    Feasibility Study Batch

    Preclinical Study Batch

    Pilot Batch

    Validation/Clinical Batch

    Commercial Batch

  • Other Services

    Method Development and Testing

    In vitro Testing

    Compatibility Study

    Stability Study

    Submission and Registration